Vintage Super League (Season 9)

A season-long league lasts for the entirety of a Pro Tour cycle (about three months). Players can earn points for their team at individual Grand Prix and Pro Tours.

Create Your Own League!

You can create all kinds of private leagues with Thousand Leagues. Create season-long or single-event league, and then choose between a Pick X or Snake draft format.

Event Length Acessibility Draft Type Start Date
Vintage Super League (Season 9) Full Season Private Pick X 01/15/2019 Create League
Vintage Super League (Season 9) Full Season Private Snake 01/15/2019 Create League
Pick X Players/Cards

You pick X number of players or cards for your team, independent of what players the other teams in your league select. This means that multiple teams in your league can have the same player or card. There is no timed draft portion—pick your players or cards on your own schedule!

Snake Draft

You set a time for your league to draft and each team takes turns picking players or cards for their team. Players or cards can only be on one team per league.

Pick 'Em

Rather than drafting players or cards, you pick the winner of a given match. The player who picks the most winners, well, wins!


A bracket league allows you to pick the winners of every match in a single-elimination tournament, all the way to the finals!