World Championship XXVI Pick 6 Cards (Casual)

Public league

At the World Championship, players will compete in "pods" of Theros Beyond Death Draft and Standard Constructed, a Top 8 bracket double-elimination, and a Top 4 double-elimination bracket. Read our explainer of the tournament's structure here:

You will pick six cards for your team. Each card will earn your team three points per copy in the maindeck of the Top 4 decks and one point per copy in the sideboards. The team with the most points wins.

If two or more teams are tied at the end of the event, the team that was submitted first will win.

Event: World Championship XXVI

Event Start: 02/14/2020

Entry: Free


1st Place: Hipsters of the Coast sweatshirt/t-shirt/playmat (your choice of one)

Draft Type: Pick X

Pick Type: Card

Players Per Team: 6

Scoring: Each card will earn your team three points per copy that appears in the maindeck of a deck in Top 8, plus one point per copy in the the sideboard of a deck.

(Through the Grand Finals)

Rank Team Points
1 Team Red Teacup 166
2 Ban all of this 130
3 Snow Daze 129
4 Pendelhaven 126
5 glotzer 123
6 sl;therblade 123
7 Lotus 121
8 Duresspacito 120
9 GoAvsGo 120
10 marlfox 118
11 I'm U da ba dee da ba daa 118
12 Mirror Gallery 117
13 The Sackos 117
14 GoldstarBubbles 114
15 SaltyMagic 114
16 The Fervent Champions 114
17 jsco bro 111
18 Knights of Fblthp 109
19 Bants du la Manse 108
20 Team Pickled Black Licorice 108