World Championship XXVI Pick 6 Players (Casual)

Public league

At the World Championship, players will compete in "pods" of Theros Beyond Death Draft and Standard Constructed, a Top 8 bracket double-elimination, and a Top 4 double-elimination bracket. Read our explainer of the tournament's structure here:

You will pick six players for your team. Each player will earn your team three points according to the criteria below. The team with the most points wins. If two or more teams are tied at the end of the event, the team that was submitted first will win.

In the "pod" section of the tournament (two pods on Day 1 and one pod in the first half of Day 2), players that go 2-0 will advance to the next pod/stage and receive a full 9 points. Players that go 0-2 will earn 0 points from that pod. Players that go 1-1 will play a third match and will receive 3 points per win in that pod.

Players that go 2-0 in both of the first pods will skip the third pod and advance directly to the Top 8 bracket (second half of Day 2). Those players will receive a full 9 points for the third pod despite not playing in it.

In the bracket sections, players will continue to earn 3 points per win. The winner(s) of each bracket will earn points for the maximum number of wins possible in the bracket—9 for the Top 8, which ends at the semifinals of the bracket, and 12 for the Top 4—no matter how many matches they actually won.

Event: World Championship XXVI

Event Start: 02/14/2020

Entry: Free


1st Place: Hipsters of the Coast sweatshirt/t-shirt/playmat (your choice of one)

Draft Type: Pick X

Pick Type: Player

Players Per Team: 6

Scoring: Each player will earn your team three points per match win at World Championship XXVI and one point per draw. Players that make the Top 8 will earn your team another three points, plus three points per match win in the Top 8.

(Through the Grand Finals)

Rank Team Points
1 Mono-Red Etc. 165
2 GoAvsGo 144
3 [TRS]Magikarp 141
4 Saint Poortowall 141
5 You dare bargle with Yargle??? 132
6 Ancestral Recall > black lotus 132
7 Só o fino 132
8 Random Hunches 129
9 The Elder Dragons(Casual) 129
10 Wraiths 129
11 LoneRider 129
12 Yogourt FC 129
13 Snow Daze 129
14 Games Academy Milano 126
15 SaltyMagic 126
16 Pendelhaven 123
17 glotzer 120
18 Dreadhorde 120
19 1+1+1=7 120
20 quinnvigorate 120