MCIII Pick 6 Cards (Casual)

Public league

At Mythic Championship III Las Vegas, players will compete in rounds of Standard Constructed. Day 1 will be eight rounds and players will advance to Day 2 when they reach six wins and are eliminated when they reach four losses. Day 2 will be a 16-player double-elimination bracket, and Day 3 will be a Top 4 double-elimination bracket.

You will pick six cards for your team—each card will earn your team three points per copy in the maindeck of a deck in the Top 4 of the Mythic Championship and one point per copy in the sideboard.

If two or more teams are tied at the end of the event, the team that was submitted first will win.

Event: Mythic Championship III Las Vegas

Event Start: 06/21/2019

Entry: Free


1st Place: Hipsters of the Coast sweatshirt/t-shirt/playmat (your choice of one)

Draft Type: Pick X

Pick Type: Card

Players Per Team: 6

Scoring: Each card will earn your team three points per copy that appears in the maindeck of a deck in Top 8, plus one point per copy in the the sideboard of a deck.

(Through the Grand Finals)

Rank Team Points
1 Wraiths 132
2 Majax 132
3 The Sackos 118
4 Bottle Gnomes 114
5 Dawson Reynolds 108
7 Mirror Gallery 108
8 essascartaimesmofera 105
9 Bialystock and Bloom Hulk 100
10 Duresspacito 100
12 Chimney Imp 99
13 Hunt Callers 99
14 Vyntedge 96
15 I'm U da ba dee da ba daa 96
16 The Pantheon 96
17 Mission’s Might 93
18 Sam Beckett's Regrets 92
19 Bernie It To The Ground 88
20 Team Hydra 88